b. 1991 Detroit, MI

Nadiya I. Nacorda works in photography, video, and performance to address matters of intimacy, affection, displacement and identity, as a child of immigrants and political refugees. In her practice, she draws upon her lived experience and family history to visually articulate notions of Blasian feminine interiority, motherhood, kinship and relationality within the context of American domestic life. She engages in multiple photographic modes through the use of vernacular family photos of the past and present, still lifes, and collaborative portraiture. With her video work, she additionally layers generational histories through audio conversations with her sister, mother and grandmothers.

Nadiya received her BFA in Photography & Film from VCU Arts in Richmond, VA. She is currently finishing an MFA in Art Photography at Syracuse University’s School of Visual and Performing Arts. Her work has been exhibited at Filter Photo in Chicago, Silver Eye Center for Photography in Pittsburgh, Blue Sky Gallery in Portland, the Midwest Center for Photography, RISD's Red Eye Gallery in Providence, RI, and Candela Books + Gallery in Richmond, VA. Her first book: A Special Kind of Double was published in 2020 by KG Projects as a part of the LOST books collection and is included in the collections of the National Gallery of Art, Metropolitan Museum of Art, Yale University Library, Guggenheim Museum, and more.  She is also a 2019 finalist of the Magenta Foundation's Flash Forward competition, 2020 Lit List, and the 2021 Silver list.

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